Saturday, February 6, 2010

Akaka Falls

this picture and story have nothing to do with each other.

Our first week at church, we sat behind a family that had just moved into the ward. Their membership records had just been sent to this new ward, so they had the family stand as they read their names and introduced this new family.
The second week at church, this fellow came up to us after Sacrament Meeting and introduced himself and asked if we were visiting or new in the ward. We told him that we were just visiting, but joked that if we liked it enough we might stay. He said, "well, let's get your records requested today and you can have a calling by next week!"
He ended up talking to Rick for a few minutes. He went to BYU-Hawaii for a couple of years and then he transferred to BYU, where he graduated. It's taken him 10 years to finally talk his wife into moving to Hawaii. He's working at the military base on a government contract. His daughter is the same age as Summer and she took her to class with her.
Well, at the bottom of the announcements last week there was a form to fill out for the new members to request their records. Rick laughed that he should fill it out and see what happens.
I did notice that Rick disappeared for a few minutes during Sunday School. I was teasing him that he slipped out to fill out the form to have his records moved into this ward. He said, "We'll see what happens next week!!"
So, this is what I have decided:
If they read my name and give my a calling I will see how it compares to my current calling of Cub Master. If it's an improvement--we'll stay. If not--we'll come home.
Only time will tell.

About the photo:
This was taken on our way back from Volcanoes National Park. It was in a beautiful little village of Honomu on the North side of the island. This waterfall is just 3 miles up the hill from the LDS chapel. We thought it would be cool to live on that hillside that used to be a huge sugarcane farm. Halfway to the waterfall. And halfway to the church.


missliss5/Melissa said...

That makes me laugh! If you are called to be ward greeter, give me your new address so I can come visit~

Tia and Amara said...

crap. It just has to be better than cub scouts? We're doomed.