Friday, February 5, 2010

My new purse

Here is my new purse. I'm counting it as an early birthday present. It was a quite a splurge. It was about double what I normally pay for a purse, but keep in mind that I shop for purses on the clearance rack at Walmart or sometimes Target. And I've seen a few cute ones at TJMaxx. So, if I'm still carrying this purse around when Cole graduates from high school it is because I am trying to get my money's worth.
There were some really nice cowboy boots that matched, but I would have to sell off a kid or two to pay for the boots. Plus, my feet are still too swollen to fit into the boots that I have, so I guess I will pass on the boots. Plus, it's almost flip-flop weather and I will be back in style.

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Jacobson Five said...

I just think it is fantastic that you brag about how cheap you are. I really do love it. Frugal on the stuff that doesn't matter. I am with you on the whole luggage thing and I think the most I have ever spent on a purse is $15.
It is nice to splurge every now and again.
By the way are you all ever coming home????