Friday, February 5, 2010

Look Closely...

Yes. Cole is sleeping in the closet. He wanted to. He might end up with some kind of Harry Potter complex, but for now he is happy with the setup.

And Yes. That is a Book Of Mormon that he is reading.
Here is the story about that...
the kids asked if they should bring their scriptures on this trip. (Bad Mom alert) I told them No. Since we are super cheap and were not checking any luggage, I made the kids pack very, very light since everything they were bringing had to fit into their carry-on backpack. I told them that I had the Scripture App on my phone so that we would have access to all of the scriptures, the conference reports, the current Friend, New Era, & Ensign. So, I figured that we were covered with plenty of Church related reading material thanks to my iphone. Well, after just a day or two in this condo, Cole looked through the nightstand and found a Book of Mormon. He was so excited. Running through the place yelling, "This is the same book I got for Christmas." He held onto that Book of Mormon all day for days. He loves to open it up to the pictures. Then he thumbs through it and stops at a random page. He scans that page until he finds his "special letter" (C). Then we go through the page and find the letters for the names of the rest of the family. He thinks that's so cool--almost like he's reading.

If you would like your own copy of Cole's favorite book you can request one here

Book of Mormon

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Tia and Amara said...

I've read that book already --but I won't give away the ending. Are you coming home soon? We really miss you guys around here.