Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My new favorite food, again. when we went to Maui last year, we stopped at Costco and picked up a few groceries. I found these great oats and grabbed myself a bag. Loved 'em. So, I threw the half eaten bag in my suitcase and brought them home with me. I was a bit stingy with them for the rest of the year because I was unable to find them anywhere here at home.
Then, lo and behold when we went to Costco on the Big Island, I found my long lost favorite brand of oatmeal. I wanted to buy 2 bags--one to eat there and one to bring home, but then I remembered that I had only brought 1 carry-on and I didn't have room for extra oats. So, I only bought 1 bag. Oh they are yummy. I looked at Costco's website and they are not listed as one of their products so I assumed it must just be a local product.
But, I looked online and found out that they are located in California and I can order them online. And even better...I can order by the case.
1 case, 12 bags (48 oz. each) (Each bag contains about 34 servings) is $45.25. So, one of these days, I think I might be ordering myself a year's supply of oats.

**remember that purse I bought in Hawaii? well, there was just enough extra room to slip in the half eaten bag of oats, so I did get to bring some home after all.

**BTW, if you see these oats anywhere around town, let me know or just buy me a bag for my birthday.


Carroll Family said...

I think we have those at our Costco - they were giving samples adn they were REALLY good!!! I'll have to look again - now I know it wasn't just me being really hungry!

Carroll Family said...

Kelli -our Costco really does have this Oatmeal - just bought some! I would ask your Costco to get them! If not, we're coming up this summer and we could load up a box for you :)