Friday, July 5, 2013

Family in Capitol Reef

Here's a sneak peak at the festivities in Capitol Reef last weekend at the first ever HFR.

 Cole and Lillie

 I had to include this picture as it is one of only 2 pictures in which I appear.

 Summer and Lillie

 Rick and I cooked dinner on the first night...cheese stake sandwiches

Sierra and Summer
This outing was full of pinterest experiments....s'mores in cones.  it was a hit.

Cole wasn't big on all of the dutch oven/pinterest experiments.  He opted for a grilled cheese.

It was a little hot for Hooee.  He liked to drink straight from the spout.

Cole and Little setting up the course for a game of croquet.

We hiked Sulphur Creek from Chimney Rock to the visitors center.
Afterwards to splurged with some pie from the Gifford House.

 Cole and Lillie

Playing some Yahtzee.

 Driving to Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  or escalante for short.

 Stopped for a visit to the Anasazi State Park.

 Accidentally found a geocache.

 Group shot at the State Park.

the aunt and the nieces and nephew 

 Saturday Night in Loa.
My Uncle Don organized a roping jack-pot event and invited us to come.  like 4 times.
It was free, and we had no other plans, so here we are.  
There were actually other people in the stands, you just can't see the other 3 people.
Truthfully, it was a lot of fun.  Quite entertaining as you can see by Summer's attention to the arena.

Lots of this going on.

Now, we have her attention.

Here is my cousin, Tyler.  
He's pretty good.  He should be.  He's been doing this since he was old enough to get on a horse.

We hada lot of fun.  Got dirty.  Ate lots of good food.  Drank lots of water. (thanks to record breaking heat!).  played lots of card games/dice games.  Sat around and talked/chased the shade.  
Can't wait until the next time around...maybe we will remember to take a group picture...


Ryan and Amber said...

You know what is just sooo weird? I knew I liked you and your fam but I totally live you now that I know you hang in swanky places like loa and escalante. ;).

Ryan and Amber said...

Live/love. Interchangeable, right? ;)

Amara said...

I loved that sulphur creek hike -and loved those cabins :). I think the roping would be interesting for a few minutes.