Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Provo Beach Resort

 Summer and Sierra played at the Provo Beach Resort last Saturday.
I guess you would say that it's their first official appearance as SASH.
One of the BYU students that Summer studied music with this past school year has graduated and is now responsible for scheduling entertainment for Provo Beach Resort.  Several weeks ago she contacted the girls to see if they would sing.

 So they have been practicing for a few weeks now to be prepared to perform.
Trevor is a friend of Summer and is amazing on the drums.
He's great to come practice and perform with the girls. 

We had a cute little front row cheering section.  
Summer has been friends with Maddy, Alexandra, and McKenna since we moved here in 5th grade.

So, funny story...this one is for you, Amara. You'll appreciate this.  again.
I was sitting there watching the girls set up and I look over and see someone that I recognize.
I have been blogging friends with this lady for years now.
This is the same gal that I "bumped into" in Chicago.
I couldn't believe how random that I saw her in Chicago just a few months ago, and now I am sitting in Provo and here she is.
What is so crazy about it as that she lives in Mexico.  They visit Utah every summer.
This year they are staying in Salt Lake, but they came to Provo for a Saturday evening.
How funny that they would be at Provo Beach Resort on the same night as the girls were singing.
I introduced myself to her before the girls started singing.
Then afterwards, we stood and chatted for a few minutes and introduced our kids (that I have secretly set up weddings for) and our husbands.  I also introduced my mom because she reads Shelley's blog also.  
What a fantastic family that seems just as wonderful in person as they appear on the internet!!
Thanks for taking time to visit with us Jones Family!!

Cole's reward for enduring another performance was an ice cream cone treat.

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Amara said...

Celebrity sighting! Seriously I would die if I met some of my blogger friends in real life. One of the hardest things to explain to someone is, "my friend had a problem with her dog. Well, she's not really my friend, but I read about the minutiae of her life every day. Do you ever read blogs? " NOBODY knows what they are anymore. By the way the bees seem fine. I wonder if they were hanging out outside the entrance to fan it out to cool it? I totally stalk your bees....too. Blog friend....