Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mapleton 24th Celebration 5K and fun run

It's still so bizarre to me that it's an assignment from my ward/stake to do this.
Our Stake has had the responsibility of the Mapleton 24th Celebration last year and this year.
Next year it goes to the other Stake in Mapleton.
And because of a series of misfortunate events, Rick and I were asked to step in about 8 weeks ago and be in charge of the 5K and fun run.
And that is about 4 months less time than anyone should have to pull of a 5K event.  serious.

Well, this is how it May, we were asked to meet with a member of the bishopric.
He said, "Bro. & Sis Herl.  We just want you to know how much we appreciate you, and your hard work.  We admire you for your dedication and organization skills.  
You're important to our ward.  
And...(this is where I thought he was going to say, "we have made a mistake and would like to invite you to attend Girl's Camp.")  uh, no.  he said, "We think you'd be great at organizing the 24th of July 5K.  thankyouverymuchandletmeshowyoutothedoor."

So, here we are at the City Building on Tuesday afternoon doing the late registration and packet pick-up.
 Getting organized...

 Thank goodness for the help of my girls.
Here are Summer and Shelby helping to put together packets for the racers.
Lanny donated bag, water cups, ice, ice, and more ice, and ice cream cone coupons.
Here are the committee members...Jason, Sadie (unofficial) and Rick.
Sierra somehow missed the picture, but let me assure you she worked hard and didn't complain.
Trent is pictured in the grey T above.  His horrible job was to get sponsors and donations.
Which was good since he was not able to be around for the actual race.

 Walk-up registration...well, the set-up, at least.
Thankfully we had online registration and late registration the day before,
so the walk-up registration wasn't nearly the nightmare that it has been in years past.
I have heard nothing but horror stories about the 6 am registration chaos.
This was about the same time Rick had to leave to get to work.
So sad that he missed out on all the fun.

The 1 mile fun run... 

 The 5K crowd waiting for the mile fun run to finish so that they can line up for their race.

The first girl to finish the fun run... 

16 minutes into the 5K... 

 here come the runners...

Having fun on the mic.
Glad that one is over.
Cross that off the bucket list.

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Amara said...

Right. I'm sure that was on your bucket list :) God blesses the helpers. At least I hope you get lots and lots of blessings for doing this. It was an especially valuable experience for one of my kids. I'm so grateful.