Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pleasant Valley Days

Pleasant Valley Days is held in Scofield every summer, the weekend after the 4th of July.
Except, not last year because the whole area was on fire and had to be evacuated.
Lots of fun activities take place such as a treasure hunt, auction, dinner, breakfast, talent show, ducky derby, fireworks, and a dance.  Also, there are vendors that sell lots of junk from China.  
And the people watching.  oh the people watching...
Summer and Sierra out on the front porch playing some folk music.
I thought that they should go down to the park where are the people were, open up the guitar case and play.

Cole and Lillie

hangin' on the porch, singing to the music

Summer's big purchase.  We're not sure which kind of rodent this actually is...

(blurry, sorry)  These 2 characters put on the fundraiser auction every year.
They're actually pretty good considering the crowd they are working with.
It's pretty fun to watch the drunk people bid against themselves.  

And I might have purchased a 100 year old church pew from the old white church that was torn down last year.  
I've always wanted an antique church pew and now I have one with a bit of sentimental history.
It was pretty funny when Rick showed up and discovered what I bought, and then watched him carry it down the street.

Getting ready for the big Saturday morning breakfast...

Heating up the grills.  They had to make sure they grills were under the canopy since it had been raining on and off all weekend.  Sure enough.  Started raining right in the middle of breakfast.

Jerry Pitts.  He owns the cabin next door.  He's always the pancake man.

We were the "hired help".  Paid with leftover bacon and beans.
We were getting nervous.  7:10 and we were still not up and running...

7:15.  Ready to serve...

Bette and Kent.
We don't really know who Kent is other than he shows up every year and flips some mean pancakes.
He's a hoot.  We have a lot of fun.

Because the breakfast went a little long and we stayed in the kitchen to clean up, we missed most of the parade.  But I did poke my head out of the door long enough to catch a glimpse of Smokey.

This is Willie.  He comes from Sanpete County.  He's been coming to Pleasant Valley Days for as long as I can remember.  He's 92.  He's the least creepy clown you will ever meet.  
He pulls a little wagon and makes balloon creations for the kids.

Then, it was the talent show on Saturday evening.  
The girls auditioned on Friday by singing a cover of "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers.  
For the actual talent competition, they covered "Stubborn Love" by the Lumineers.

mic check...

Performing...Hard to see, but Summer has a drum in front of her that she is using a foot pedal to beat with the rhythm.



And they won.  1st place.  $200 prize.

It was a lot of fun.
The guy that was the MC has been a fixture at Pleasant Valley Days for years.
He's from Price, graduated from USU and is now a producer for Fox13.
He competed against Summer a few years ago and lost.  eek.
But, he said after the competition Saturday night..."Even if you didn't want Summer to win, you would still cheer for her because she is so cute."
The judges told the girls that they should go to the American Idol tryouts this week in SLC. 
We thought that was quite a compliment, but the girls decided against it because Sierra isn't old enough and they want to keep performing together for a while.  (phew)

And it wouldn't be Scofield if a train didn't come right through town in the middle of the excitement.
(or the middle of the night)
(or both)


Ryan and Amber said...

Let's be friends! :) And we can run Ragnar trail races together and flip pancakes! SO fun. You might not let us into your circle though because our musical talent is NIL at the moment.

NOW - the sand story. CRACKING ME UP like really I full on LOLed here during nap time all by my lonesome! SO... more food for thought for this one. Thanks much! And happy cleaning :)

Amara said...

I would love a church pew too! So nice to hear the girls sing Friday night. They're getting better and better. Schofield days looks like the best of the small-town life. I miss our Lemon Grove Old time days too...