Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garden Beds

This is where our playhouse used to be.  Last summer I sold the playhouse.
And the area was left to look like this for the rest of the summer...

This spring we got started with the garden area...
 Danny helped us build the beds.  He's the one that did the work next door last summer.

 Cole was a big help, moving all those rocks with his Tonka.

 Here are my garden boxes.

 Garden planted!!

 Making progress!!

 Tomatoes are growing.  I planted about 72 heirloom tomatoes in the basement under a grow light back in February.  Most of them grew--some better than others.  I was worried that they weren't going to grow well enough to get me all of the harvest that I wanted.  So, I bought 3 tomato plants from Costco.  I also bought about 12 heirloom tomatoes from Diamond's in Springville.  My tomatoes that I grew from seed are doing fairly well, they have almost caught up with the plants that I bought.  Altogether I have about 30 tomato plants growing.
Here is the bed with the peppers.  There are 39 pepper plants.  Some hot.  Some really hot.  And some sweet.  Rick thinks that next year I should plant a few more peppers!!  
I just wanted to make sure I had enough peppers to go with all of my tomatoes!
My problems is that I never end up with equal amounts of peppers & tomatoes.  
I usually end up short on one or the other.  Not this year!!
Also growing in raised beds:  radishes, turnips, beets, carrots, peas, lettuce, and cilantro.
And in the ground:  zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloup, and pumpkins.


Carroll Family said...

AWESOME!!!!! I love how they look and that you can grow SO MUCH!!!

Leslie said...

I am impressed!!! My mouth dropped open with how many plants you have. I cant keep up with a garden 1/3 of your size!

Jessica F. said...

I need your garden. It's so amazing. Good work. I love the strawberry towers!

Amara said...

I can't believe I haven't checked on you in so long! Do you have any tomatoes ripe yet? I never have tomatoes to go with my June/july basil. August sure. I have a ton of August tomatoes!