Tuesday, August 7, 2012

cowboy boots and such

This is a picture of my Uncle Dell from a few summers ago.
He had a birthday last month and as the youngest sibling has now outlived my dad, who was the oldest sibling.  Kind of weird.  My dads siblings have all now officially out lived him.

I went to Arctic Circle yesterday with Sierra and Cole while I was out and about in the big city.
We stopped to grab a bite to eat and sat in "Kent's Booth" while we waited for our food.
I reminded the kids about my dad.
Cole continues to call him Uncle Kent.
Sierra said that she can only remember a few things about him.
Then, a funny thing happened.
Guy came in.  Guy is the most regular of all regulars.
He has been coming in to AC for lunch for as long as I can remember.
He sat down in the booth next to us and said...
"I sure miss your dad.
With that silly-ass mustache,
and those damn clompitty clomp cowboy boots.
But I still miss him."
It just made me laugh.  Only Guy can say things like that and have it not be offensive.


Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, that was about the sweetest story ever. I miss that guy too! He was always so good to me!!!

Jess said...

I remember how much Cole was mesmerized by my Dad. Don't you just love it when people share memories about your Dad with you? HE was definitely one of the good guys!

Amara said...

Probably because you know he loved your dad. It seems like love covers a multitude of sins.