Sunday, August 19, 2012


In July, Summer was contacted by LDS Casting department and was asked if she could meet in Provo to be filmed for  Mormon Messages for Youth.  

it was funny...they gave guidelines on what they youth should wear. (modest, no stripes, etc.)
One of the girls spent the entire day shopping at the mall and brought several wardrobe changes.
She got about 2 seconds of screen time and didn't even get to wear one of the new outfits!!

Here are some of the pictures from that evening...

The filming crew was so nice.
The entire video was filmed during July in Idaho Falls and Provo.

When they contacted us, they needed to confirm that Summer still had blonde hair.
As you can see in the clip, they had a clear mix of backgrounds, ethnicities, etc.

Summer was filmed for a really long time.  She had to sit and stare at the camera for like a minute at a time.  Then, the clips were played back at a fast speed.  It will make sense when you see the video.

I gave Cole the camera to entertain himself while we waited and watched.

Cole took this shot also.  He's fascinated by the Y on the Mountain.
We actually take pictures of the letters on the mountains everywhere we go.

Summer is done.

Here we are waiting for the others to be filmed and signing parental release forms and such.
(which is all done electronically--on the iPad.)

The Mormon Youth Message is called Reclaimed.

And here is the video...
pay attention at about 3:03 and don't blink...


Brandi said...

That is super cool.

Jess said...

really cool, and a great message. Your daughter is very pretty

Shannon said...

That is way cool! Way to go Summer!

Amara said...

I just posted this to facebook --we need to advertise this!!