Monday, August 27, 2012

swim lessons

We did 2 rounds of swim lessons this summer.  Cole & Sierra did the first session.
And Cole did the second session alone.
This little guy has come a long way.  At first I figured it was a success when he didn't drown and he didn't get kicked out of the pool for not staying on the step when it wasn't his turn.
But, this summer he did so much better.
The first session he started with a group in the shallow end with the cute girl teacher. (according to Cole)
The second session he advanced to the deep end with the more advanced swimmers and the very handsome, soon-to-be-a-missionary teacher. (according to Summer)
Here are a few pictures...

And maybe a tiny bit of credit can be attributed to spending so much time in the pool in St. George.
Can't wait to get back and spend some more time in the pool down there now that we have more skills.
And, thanks to a new connection we have with Springville City, we will soon be the proud owners of a Springville City Pool pass.  
Can't wait.

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