Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A visit with old friends

We had some visitors last week.  
The Gray family was in Utah for vacation/reunion and managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Mapleton.
Summer and Sierra put on a little show for Lucy and Gavin.
Summer was playing a little Taylor Swift medley and Lucy and Gavin were singing right along.

Rick and Austin go way back...

Emily, Austin, Rick, Kelli

Austin and I don't go back quite as far as Austin and Rick, but here is the story...
(as I remember it)
I was an English major at BYU and Austin was in one of my classes fall semester of my junior year.
I didn't actually know Austin from high school, but I did remember his name.
We introduced ourselves to each other and became good study friends.
We sat together for the rest of the semester, with a few other super intellectual friends.
After a while, Austin kept mentioning to me that he had someone that he wanted to set me up with.
uh, NO.
Little did I know that he was also trying to convince Rick that he had someone for him to go out with.
And Rick kept saying NO.
In order to keep Austin quiet, we both FINALLY agreed to go out.  One time.  If everyone would just leave us alone.  
And that is pretty much what happened.
But, then we kept hanging out, studying, whatever, with the same group of people.
Well, one thing leads to another, and a few years later, Rick and I were finally dating.  
Mostly because we were the only 2 people left.
oh, and then we broke up.
And then we dated again.
And then we got married.
At least that is how I remember it.
So, Rick and I sort of give Austin credit for our union.
And because of that, I have felt the need to play match maker this week with another one of our friends from the good old days.  (Brett) But, that story will be for another day.

It was so fun to talk to Austin and Emily and hear of their adventures from Vermont.
We chatted all morning long and it was as though we had never missed a beat.
Austin, you are exactly the same guy we've always known!!
Maybe next time we visit it will be in your living room in Vermont!!

ps.  sorry about the black eye that Cole gave Gavin.  we'll work on that before we come visit

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Amara said...

Isn't it nice when you have friends that you can pick right up with no matter how much time has passed? I only have a few like that. Maybe I should get back in touch.