Saturday, December 3, 2011

YW in Excellence

Our theme for the Evening was "Patterning our Lives after Personal Progress"
Our YW President gave a cut talk about using the different sewing tools and comparing them to our lives.  
For example, we can follow a pattern=scriptures.  
or a seam ripper=repentance.
I talked about tools such as technology and the online Personal Progress Program (which is kinda my "thing" lately).
I also told about how I have been doing Personal Progress myself and included a story about my dad. (of course, right?)

here are some pictures...
This table was just outside the door and had the programs as well as the bags of mints that are inside the box.  The mints were in the shapes of thread, scissors, etc.

For 2 of the activities prior to this evening, we made aprons.
We didn't let the girls take them home.  
I kept them to use for decorations for the evening and then let the girls take them home that night.
I was in charge of the decorations (that's your quilt, BK)
I only spent $5 on decorations.  Everything else came from my stash of trash.
Except the vintage sewing machine which was Sadie's.
Another view of the back of the room.
Making room for the cupcakes on the table...

These girls sang a song for the program.  (Summer in the red skirt)

The sewing machine and cupcakes...

*This idea was not at all original to us.  BK gave me the original idea.  We decided to use it.  We scoured the internet and used lots of different ideas.  My cute friend Lisa printed up invitations that looked exactly like a pattern envelope.  This is just a glimpse of how we pulled the ideas together.


Carroll Family said...

Such a cute idea!!!!!

Brandi said...

Super cute stuff. I can't believe you have all of that stuff. WOW! Where did you get the cute bags of mints and the circle thing on the front of the bags and the center pick on the cupcakes. Super cute.

Amara said...

That room WAS really cute. It was so nice to go and not worry about anything there!