Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Highlights and the low lights...

We did pull it together after the Christmas Tree FHE Fiasco a few weeks ago.
This particular FHE involved sticks, glue, markers, and glitter so most of the family was happy.
the glue gun injury on my finger will heal soon enough, I suppose.

Just like the real thing...
Every single one is different.

It was fine, until Cole started using his flake to pick his nose.

The kids did admit that it was a Christmas Fail this year.
We were too busy.  too preoccupied with stuff.  too much time in the car.
I personally checked out back in October sometime and didn't return to the show until about 12/15.

The girls admitted it too...we didn't go to Temple Square, or make gingerbread houses or watch all of ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas movies.
I did all of my shopping online.  I didn't step foot in the malls.  I missed out on that aspect of holidays.  Except that week that I went to Walmart 3 days in a row which doesn't do a thing for the Christmas spirit.  It mostly just makes me want to eat en entire batch of chocolate covered pretzels.  
Which I did.  Each time I went to Walmart.
Rick worked a TON in December, especially on the weekends.

 Cole had a Polar Express Activity for his last day of school.
The kids had to get their pass punched 5 times during the month of December so that they could board the Polar Express.  We tried to talk to Cole to explain how it was going to work.  But to no avail.  
He had it set in his mind what the Polar Express was and let me just did not live up.
The kids got to line up their chairs in the hall and watch the movie.  
Then Santa made an appearance with bells and all.  
Cole could not have been more expressionless for the entire event.
The kids went back into the classroom and I was able to get a quick picture with the big guy.  
My plan was to use it to bribe Cole into thinking that I had a tight relationship with S. Claus.
This is all he had to say about it...
It was a totally fake real Santa.
And even though it looks like there is snow on the ground and it was a white Christmas...
Not.  That is all an optical allusion.  The only real snow that was have had this year was back in October when the grass was green and the leaves were still on the trees.  I'm not entirely complaining about that, it's just weird.

And we didn't make time to drive around and see the lights--an activity that I love each year and remember way back when the Christmas Light Highlights was to drive up above the Temple and see the lights, especially the well-lit Osmond Lane.  
So, on Christmas Eve we finally made time to drive to Spanish Fork and see the jam packed Christmas display for $5.
Which did not leave us any time for making cookies for Santa.  He got cupcakes instead.
So, it wasn't a huge fail, just lots of minor fails.
The good thing is that by recording this, we will see what we can do to make next year better.
First, real estate deals around the holiday.
Second, say no to all of the activities and lessons.
Third, it is not necessary to make homemade caramels every day for 2 weeks.  
I still can't wear my favorite pants.
And last, expect way less.  If your expectations are low, you will not be disappointed.  
I was told on more than one occasion this year that I care too much.  
So, for next year I will try very hard to set my expectations very, very low.  
And not just for the holidays, but for the whole year.
The R family joke that "I just want to serve..."  yeah, that's going right out the window.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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