Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Worth $1

Initially, I didn't think this was one of my better mom decisions, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.
I was at Walmart.  I had the twins.  
And I was grocery shopping.  
And YW shopping.  (Trying to use the last of our budget by the end of the year.)
After 2 long hours (or at least what felt like 2 long hours of shopping, I stumbled across a bin of $1 items for stocking stuffers.  
This is exactly the kind of stuff that I needed for YW.  
So Summer and I started digging through the bins of crap really cool stuff.  
It was taking a while.  
Cole got impatient.  He started searching with us.  
He pulled out this Pepsi version of chapstick.   
He asked if the Young Women needed a Pepsi.  I said, "probably not."
So He started begging for the (chapstick) Pepsi.
For $1, I said Yes without even hesitating, but then immediately regretted it.  
But at that point it wasn't worth (another) meltdown in Walmart.  
He played with it, talked to it, and grinned for a good 15 minutes until we got to the car.  
He said, "Can I finally try my Pepsi?"
"This is gross."
"What is gross?"
I turned around and there he sat with a mouth full of Pepsi chapstick.
He had taken a bite out of the Pepsi chapstick.
I said, "See, I told you Pepsi was gross."

The Pepsi chapstick has been sitting on the kitchen counter all week.
Every time I see it, I can picture the look on Cole's face with a mouthful of Pepsi chapstick--so worth $1.


Amara said...

Ha! :)

Kristine said...

Oh ha ha ha ha ha!!! Another Coleism at it's finest.