Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Kooks

The Kooks are a band that Rick started listening to a while back.  He takes pride in his skills to find unknown artists, then listen to them and become familiar with them before the rest of the world even knows who they are.
So, the Kooks were doing a US tour in some smaller venues and they made a stop in Salt Lake.  I heard about it and thought that Rick might like to hear them.  However, Rick had to work on the evening of November 30 and it wasn't worth the bother of a schedule change.
On November 29, I picked up Summer from school and as we were driving home, they had a contest on the radio to give away tickets to see the Kooks in the Endzone (a live, semi-personal show that the radio station does earlier in the day of some of the local concerts).  Summer grabbed her phone and started dialing as she asked me if she could enter.  I just rolled my eyes and said, "whatever".  And it started to ring.  And then the DJ answered and Summer said, "Hi, I'm just calling about tickets to see the Kooks."  She won!!
So, she called Rick to tell him that she won tickets.  He said, "Too bad I have to work."  And she said, "It's OK, we can still go.  I won tickets to the Endzone earlier in the day!"  So, Rick and Summer went to see the Kooks and eat free pizza with the 101.9 The End people.
Summer said that it was fun and she liked the music.  But, they had a strong British accent and she could only understand half of what they said.  She walked around the house for a week repeating some of the phrases and then laughing out loud.
One song that you MIGHT be familiar with is Junk of the Heart (Happy).  Google it.
AND, if I were that gambling type of person, I would totally take Summer to Vegas with me.  The kid has the magic touch.

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Amara said...

Congratulations to Summer! I've always wanted to go to one of those end-zone concerts.