Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Countdown

This is my latest Pinterest project...
and a story to go along with it.

I saw this on Pinterest and I figured it was a reasonable project that would cost NO $$.
I whipped it up using a bunch of scrap scrapbook paper.  And some cotton balls.

Each evening we cut off a strip. 
And before you know it, Santa's beard is gone and it's Christmas.

Now, for the story...
I was using Rick's camera to photograph my cute little Santa.
I took off the lens cap and put the camera up to my face to look through the window, and...
Camera strap right. in. my. eye.
With a blurry eye, I quickly snapped a picture and then ran upstairs.
My eye was killing me.  Red.  Splotchy.  And burning....just like when I got a stick in my eye.
I called Rick to see which of the eye drops I should use to make the BURN go away.
He asked me what happened.
Then he said, "Kelli, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?
When you poked your eye out last time, 
I told you to wear protective eye gear when you do dangerous stuff.  
Now, I'm saying--just wear protective eye gear always!!"
Obviously my reaction times are slow.
At least he'll know what to get me for Christmas.

(AND, it looks like Santa needs bigger eyes.  Maybe I will fix that.  And outfit him with some protective eye gear.)

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Amara said...

Well dang. When I call the Dr. he doesn't give ME a lecture! But then I guess he does make house calls so...