Friday, February 25, 2011

More random birthday flashback photos...

Russell, Melinda, Kelli, Mitchell, Brandi  
I think this would be 1977.
It looks like I am worried about Melinda dropping that baby.  
I think I should have been more worried about the cake sliding onto the floor.

maybe 1980. had to include some photos of the siblings.

maybe 1979.  check out our matching Dukes of Hazard t-shirts

 This one had a date, 1983.  maybe you can tell by the hair.
And there you can see a yummy angel food cake with frosting. yum.


Leslie said...

I am scared for the cake in the top picture.

Jacobson Five said...

I'm loving the outfit from the 1980 picture. DO we need to have a talk about modest dress lengths. It is fun to see all your pics. I don't think my parents ever took pictures of us, so even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to do that.

Amara said...

OK, if I had those thighs I'd be considering short shorts again now too! "Next week oooon the Dukes!" "Yeeeeeehaaaa!"