Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The house where I was born...

well, technically I wasn't BORN in this house.  I was born in the hospital just down the road.  In Richfield, Utah.  But, this is the house where I lived until we moved to Provo when I was about 2.
 My parents rented part of this yellowish brick house from a couple named Harold and Ranon Hansen.  The house is located on Main Street at about 400 North, across from the park.  Every time I have ever gone to Richfield we always drive past the house, slowly to take a peak. I had to go to Richfield last week and I stopped to take a quick picture.  I didn't think about ME being in the picture until after I got home.  That was dumb.  I should have been in the photo.  But, I was a little intimidated by the large woman smoking on the porch.  I was afraid she was going to report me for stalking her or something.  So, I snapped a quick picture and headed on my way.

The pictures below were taken in front of this same house when I was age 1 to 2.  Well, you can barely see the house in most of the photos, but since I am in the pictures and this week it's all about me, I thought I would just post them anyway.
Kelli & Kent, Richfield, 2/71
Kelli, 2/71
Kelli, 2/71
A few more shots of me and the house.  These were taken when I was age 2.

Kelli and Kent, Richfield, 1972

I did get a few comments (on the blog and in person) about Lanny looking like my Dad.  A lot of people seem to think so.  I asked my mom and she said that she doesn't see it so much.  If anything, it's the nose.  I had a dream last night about my dad.  We were working at Arctic Circle.  I was doing dishes and cleaning the restrooms.  Weird.  


Leslie said...

I love looking at all of these pics!! I love the one of you in the snow. That made me laugh. I ALWAYS have dreams about AC. Im making a gazillion shakes and I cant catch up. And I am not even supposed to be there making shakes...but I saw that they were busy so I was helping out. I wake up so stressed.

Shannon said...

I love these posts! They're so fun to read. Yeah, I agree that Lanny looks like your Dad, but so does Brian.

Amara said...

It's always all about you. Love ya girl!