Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunch Time Entertainment

Rick, Summer, Jessica on guitar & Sierra on fiddle.
Don't you love the look of determination/concentration on Rick's face?  I love it.
 Rick on percussion, Summer on the ukelele, Sierra on the fiddle, and Jessica on the mandolin.  
And the proud Grandparents.
My mom wanted to stay for Bingo, Wii, and quilting 101.

The girls got a lot of compliments and were even invited to come back in March for the big St. Patrick's Day celebration.
Jessica told how as a young fiddle student, she came to the Springville Senior Citizen Center to perform with her family.  Now, as a music teacher herself, she is bringing some of her students back to continue to entertain.
It's pretty fun to go to the Senior Citizen Center.  They ALWAYS want to request certain songs.  The #1 most requested song is Red River Valley.  When Jessica announced that song, she mentioned that she often forgets the words to the second verse and so she might need help getting through some of the words.  Grandma Nan was right there singing along.  We couldn't have done it without her!  Maybe next time she can just jump right up onto the stage and take her own mic right next to Jessica.
Thanks for coming.
(one of these days, I'll figure out how to get the blasted date off the photo and get the lighting just right.  for now--deal with it.)

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Amara said...

I was going to leave a stinging criticism about the date and lighting in the photos, but guess I'll restrain myself. Wish we could have been there to hear it. Really. It seems extra cool because most of your family is performing together. Those are memories they'll cherish forever.