Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthdays age 4 & 5

So, my mom called earlier today wondering when the next installment of "This is My Life:" would be published.  I had to try to explain to her that I had stuff to do, responsibilities and such.  She said that at the rate I am going with these birthday photos, I won't be celebrating my birthday until some time in March.  So, I told her that I would neglect my children and get right on it.  THEN, she tells me that my birthday present won't be ready for a month anyway.  So, people, it looks like we'll be celebrating my birthday for about another month or so.  Enjoy.
Age 4: 
February 27, 1974
This was my party.
You can see my 2 cousins, Lori in the red gingham, and Tera in the red pants.
Tera passed away in a car accident in 1989, the week of her high school graduation.

Age 5:
 The picture above isn't the greatest of me since there is a big scratch on the original photo right next to my face, but I had to include it simply for proof of how dang many of my birthdays were spent at Arctic Circle.  I did have to crop the picture down a bit so some of the background isn't visible for proof that it was actually AC.  But, if you doubt me, take a good look at that table and you will recognize it as the "Break Table".  Right?
(pictured L to R:  Jason, Kelli, Seth, Stephanie (in the red), Heath, Jamie.)
Why did I have so many "boy friends" when I was 5 and not when I was 20?
oh well, I survived.

Hard to tell, but this might be a homemade angel food cake covered in homemade strawberry frosting...still my favorite.

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Amara said...

All RIGHT already with the angel food cake! :) I guess I'll get prepared for next year. Boyfriends are a little safer when you're 5.