Friday, January 14, 2011


The Walking Dead

Has anyone else seen this show?

It's AMC's the Walking Dead.

We started watching it over the holidays.  All of the shows we normally watch were reruns, so Rick took it upon himself to find a show that we could download (or whatever) and watch in the evenings when we were on the treadmill.

Well, Rick came home from work one day and told me that he found a show.  He didn't tell me the name because I'm sure he knows me well enough by now to know that I would not agree.

We watched the first episode and I thought I was going to throw up.  ZOMBIES.  So not my type of show.

6 episodes later and I cannot get enough.  it's so gross.  But, mostly it just makes me want to get back on the food storage/emergency preparedness kick.  And stock pile ammunition.  You never know when you will be overrun by zombies.  If you've seen this show, you'll know what I mean.

I can't wait for the next season.  And if anyone asks, I absolutely DID NOT recommend this series.


Jess said...

I watched the first episode and it was too gross and scary for me! But Chris liked it.

Kristine said...

I think you need to read "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies"