Friday, January 7, 2011

I also got this for Christmas

Somehow this also ended up in my "basket" in my Amazon Account.  then, I got instruction from Rick:  "whatever you do, DO NOT read any emails from Amazon."  Great advice.  Little did he know that his Christmas present was also coming from Amazon and I scanned my email regularly to make sure his gift was on its way.
I still acted surprised on Christmas Morning.  I swear I am going to learn how to use this thing.  Rick has a co-worker that promises she can teach me how to take decent pictures.
I keep thinking that I will get bundled up and go for a walk and practice taking pictures.  It has a setting for every. single. situation. you can imagine.  Seriously.  But, I never make it outside to take pictures because it's too blasted cold.  I spent too many winters in the South where the snow melts within 4 minutes of falling.  Not 4 months.  I feel like going to bed right now and waking up sometime in February.

But, I promise I will learn how to use this camera.  Even if I have to plan a trip to Hawaii to use it.  hehehe.


Kristine said...

I agree with the going to bed & waking up in February. And I'm living in the balmy 50s. You almost sound like Frog from "Frog & Toad" or was it Toad?

missliss5/Melissa said...

I would be willing to sacrifice and plan to go to Hawaii with you and watch you learn how to take pictures with your sweet camera....really, it's the least I could do.... lol

Amara said...

Yay! learn how, and then teach me stuff OK?