Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 months

that's how long until the Utah Valley Marathon/1/2 Marathon.

Thanks for all of your support.  Thanks for humoring me.  Thanks for letting me harass you.

Thanks for signing up.

Looks like it will be Me (1/2), Rick (full Marathon), Summer & Sierra (5k)
Kris (1/2)
Teresa (1/2)
Grandma Bette (5k)
Brandi and Jason  & some neighbors (1/2)
Audrey (1/2)
and at least 5,000 other people.
And Grandma Nanners is logging hours and hours on her new treadmill.  Keep it up.

Way to go.
Rick was telling me the other day about how he was crying when he crossed the finish line when he ran it in 2009.  He said he was crying because of the pain, but also because of the sense of accomplishment.  Less than 1% of the population ever accomplishes this feat.  I'm sure there are a few more folks out there that run 13 miles at some point in their lives.  But I cried, too, when I crossed the finish line of the 1/2 marathon that I did last year.  And for both of the same reasons.

It's dang hard work.  It hurts.  You want to quit.  You want to eat treats.  Keep going.

I found this quote last night...

Pain is temporary.  Quitting lasts forever.
--Lance Armstrong

so, 5 months. 20 weeks.  I hope you have your running shoes.  spandex.
and training schedule.
after 13 miles


Amara said...

Yay! I could never beat the sense of exhilaration I felt crossing that line (ok, maybe a full, but I'm doubting it's going to happen for me). We may have to go down there to cheer you all on.

Jacobson Five said...

I like how your "list" is all your family except Audrey. Thanks for including me.
I am sure I'll be crying as well.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Kelli...Good Luck on the run! Everything you wrote it true...tears are part of the journey! I have been longing to do another run...hummmm....Thanks for stopping by my blog...your daughters are beautiful...I am all about makin' a deal;) hugs!