Tuesday, January 4, 2011

just what I wanted:

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well, it happened.  I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  It wasn't hard since I dropped enough hints, added them to my Amazon shopping cart myself.  Add hit ORDER myself.  And opened the door when the guy in the big brown truck knocked on the door.  And wrapped them myself.

But, like they say, if Mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy.

So, at least we have the system figured out here.

On Christmas Day, I finished off all of the chocolate, chips, crackers, cheeseball, candy, cupcakes,  and eggnog.  The next morning the house was completely carb free.  We went to the grocery store and stocked up on all kinds of leafy green stuff.  I have had a few spells of sugar withdrawl (seriously, folks), but mostly I feel better and have more energy.  And my jeans aren't feeling quite so tight.

So, with my new Christmas present (running shoes!) it's time to get busy on signing up for the Utah Valley Half Marathon.  This race is supposed to fill up by the end of this month, so don't wait too long.

Here is a link to jeff galloways 19 week training program for a half marathon run walk.

So, you have 3 weeks to sign up and get yourself some spandex.  The race is in 22 weeks.  This is 19 week training schedule which will put you right on schedule for a June 11 race.  And it's a run/walk program.

There is also Hal Hidgon's 12 week training guide.  You don't even have to start this training schedule until March.  Perfect weather to get out and walk/run.

Either method is good.  Take a look and decide what you want to do.  I have mixed a little of both methods.  It's just good to have a schedule to go by so you know where you are in your training.  And then at the end of each week, you can just cross off your accomplishments and the next thing you know, you are running (or walking) a half marathon.

I think I will use Hal Higdon's training schedule, but I will implement some of Jeff Galloway's techniques.  It's gonna be fun.

This is the Jeff Galloway book that Rick and I have used before.  It has tons of good training ideas and techniques.  All kinds of ideas to keep you motivated.  Ways to prevent injury.  Tips on where you should begin training (slow) and how to improve your times once you get going.  I love this book.  It's usually in the bathroom for the times when you just have a minute or two to read.

Summer and Sierra are going to do the 5K.

And if I still have not convinced my mom to do the 5K, let me just say that there are tons of 60ish aged men who do these things.  I'm pretty sure most of them are single, wealthy, and available.  Did that work?  How about the Sierra West gift for each finisher?  How about I will sign you up myself?  You get a t-shirt?


Amara said...

I bet the T-shirt did it. Are they Sauconys?

Jacobson Five said...

I signed up! I'm official, now I need to get myself a pair of those shoes. Anyway I could take a look at your book? (not in your bathroom)