Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Ethel

well, I'm taking a family history class (Sunday School) right now.  There are few things I already knew (I know just enough to be dangerous) and I have learned a lot of new things.  And there are a lot of changes since technology changes so quickly.
Anyway, one thing that I wanted to do was to get more stories.  So, I have been following the instruction in our class manual and finding places to look for information.  My brother, sister, + families were at my mom's house on Saturday for dinner (it was a lot of fun--almost like Christmas all over again).  Since we were all gathered together, I mentioned that I was taking this class and that I was trying to find stories about the Robison Family.  I want to know WHY they started out in New York, made a stop in Michigan, relocated to Nauvoo, lived in Winter Quarter for a time and then ended up in Utah (serveral generations later).  I'm sure there are some good stories out there.  So, I asked if anyone had any stories that they have come across.

My moms words exactly (and remember, I never exaggerate):
"Well, whatever I had, you have already stolen so why don't you just take a look in your own basement."

Hum, that was successful.

So, being the obedient, (and apparently slightly dishonest) daughter that I am, I went to the archives of my basement and searched through ALL of the things that I have stolen collected through the years.

I did not find pages of Robison Family History, but I did find this:

Altogether, I found about 10 pictures of my grandmother.  Aren't these cute.
Now, I have scanned them to my computer.  And I will have copies for my mom, sister, aunt and cousin when we get together on April 1 for our Ancestor Photograph swap.

And just because my mom is such a stinker...

Nan in blue terry cloth pants on Puffer's Mountain in the '80's I'm sure

So, Happy Birthday Grandma Ethel.
And I hope the rest of you girls have done your homework.


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Amara said...

I'm gettin' there! My mom got all of my gramma's stuff together for me, so I'll work through that. Tell Summer thanks for a great tutorial last night. She even sewed all of these strips ahead of time for us. So cool of her.

Jess said...

any stories you get about the Robison's could you pass on to me? I know absolutely nothing.