Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MMHS Homecoming 2014

This is what my kitchen looks like when I make corsages for dances.
Also, I raid my neighbors' yards for supplies.

Summer kept telling me to make hers bigger, so I did!!

Summer went with Trevor.  They had a friend take pictures of them in Provo.
They told her to make them look like engagement photos!! What??

Trevor & Summer are best friends. But, not kissing friends. 

We ordered her dress online and she found her shoes at a thrift store.

They had a lot if fun taking pictures.

Trevor was distracted during dinner.
Trevor is in the SASH band with Summer. He's the drummer.  They played a show earlier in the day.  It was the Food Expo in Provo.  Thousands of people were there to sample the tastes of Provo.  The SASH got free tickets for playing music.  Trevor said, "don't eat too much, we're going to dinner later"
Summer said, "No, eat a bunch, then dinner won't cost you so much tonight!!"
That girl is a thinker!!  And kinda cheap.  Way to look out for Trev!

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Amara said...

Gosh dang. It just ate my comment. I love the last picture of Summer. I'm betting you get a kick out of making those great corsages. No more asking permission from me - just pick!