Thursday, October 9, 2014

ducks, part 2

So, when Tag died...Summer got on KSL and found ducks in Lindon.
Sierra was so distraught about Tag, that she thought replacement ducks would be a good idea.
It was a good idea, but the ducks were already 2 weeks old and had not been around humans much.
So, they did NOT like us.  at all.
They immediately became outdoor ducks.  They are so funny.  They don't get more than 2 feet from each other.  And 40 feet from humans.  

So, Rick did some research and found some ducks in South Jordan.
So, in August we got Garfunkle and Simon.
Simon did not make it through the first night (sad).
Garfunkle was a Welsh Harlequin.  


Garfunkle was in the house for a few weeks.  
We let him eat out of our hands so that he would really like us.

After a few weeks, he became an outdoor duck.  We weren't sure if the 2 Khaki Cambell ducks would let him into their group, but they did!!

They took Garfunkle under their wings and taught him how to be a duck.  It was so cute.

Hooee didn't care for the ducks much at all.  Unless we said, "Hooee, where are the ducks?"
Then he would run around and harass them a bit, but otherwise, he didn't bother the ducks.

I just loved watching these ducks.  Bert and Ernie were so cute to Garfunkle.  It made me so happy to see them befriend Garfunkle.  
So sad to report that Garfunkle drowned in our pond last week.   I sent Sierra out to feed and water the ducks. She found him.  She told me that raising ducks is too emotionally exhausting.
So, we are back to 2 ducks:  the Khaki Cambells that we call Bert & Ernie.  or Siegfreed & Roy.  or Dezi & Lucy.  or Jeff and Amara.


Amara said...


Amara said...

But....I'm with Sierra -sad there were two more ducks that didn't make it. Those harlequin ducks are supposed to be beautiful as adults too aren't they? Thanks for a great party tonight!