Monday, October 20, 2014

Heber Creeper

When I was a kid, my parents took us on our annual Summer vacation on the Heber Creeper.
We looked forward to it every year.
But I had completely forgotten about the train robber scene...

Put your hands up!!

Cole quickly obeyed!

Summer enjoyed a nice nap.  Or 2

We drove to Heber.  Rode the train to Vivian Park.  Rode the train back to Heber.
(A one-way trip would have been enough for this ADHD family.)

I'm sure this is a reproduction, but I loved these old signs.

I love timp.  From every angle.

Sierra enjoyed some rest, too.

Summer:  nap #2

Rick was antsy the whole time wondering if the train could go faster, 
and how much it would cost to fully restore the train cars to their original state.

Waiting for the afternoon train the cross the tracks in Midway.

The term "Heber Creeper" makes much more sense to everyone now.

What a beautiful Autumn.  Beautiful Weekend.  And beautiful state we live in!

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Amara said...

My parents told me it really creeps. All the better to enjoy the scenery I suppose :)