Wednesday, October 8, 2014


on June 14, we had a dentist appointment in Orem.  All of us.  We took 2 cars.  Afterwards Rick and Cole left in one car and went to Sportmans Warehouse and I took the girls and went to the mall.
As we were driving home, Rick called me and told me to stop at IFA and pick up some duck food.
I told him no.  But I did it anyway.

As Cole and Rick were leaving Sportman's Warehouse, they found this tiny duck flopped over in the rocks in the parking lot.  He was half dead with no family at all around.
They claimed to have looked for his family.  But, ended up bringing home a nearly dead duck.
We did a little research and determined that he was about 2 days old.  He could barely move when we got him home.  I thought for sure he would die during the night.  We were force feeding him water.  By the next morning he was doing much better and would follow us around the kitchen.
I have to admit, he was pretty adorable.

Summer and Sierra would walk around the neighborhood and he would follow along about 2 feet behind.  

Then on a sad day on July 30, just as Tag was getting big enough to start eating the grasshoppers in the garden, a dog got into our yard and got ahold of Tag.  Sad, sad day...
To Be Continued.

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Amara said...

Hey. Now I'm sad again. Great. Not much out there cuter than a baby duck. Even human babies. Continue soon.