Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Telum Monkey Sanctuary

There wasn't really a sign for this place.  We just had to look for 312 on a post.
Looks like we found it OK.

This monkey, Poncho, was at the TMS because he had been electrocuted on a power line.
In some of the pictures you can see that he is missing part of his left arm/hand and his 2 fingers on his  right hand don't work.  He took quite a liking to Cole and was constantly reaching through the fence to pull Cole closer.  It was hilarious.

Trying to give a hug.

 He also liked bright objects and tried to swipe Summer's red glasses.

Getting another Monkey Hug.

This is the female monkey (she had her eyes on Rick the entire time and would follow him from one side of the monkey cage to the other.)  She was at the sanctuary because she was raised in captivity and completely mimicked human behavior.  She didn't know how to do "monkey things".  It was funny/sad to watch her walk because she would prance like a princess and didn't know how to use her tail to swing because she had never seen humans do those things.  She and Poncho were in the same house so that they might possibly become a couple.

jungle, cenote, and a corner of the monkey sanctuary owner's house.

The house where the workers live.

We only noticed this sign after we had all leaned up against the tree to see the monkeys.

After checking out the monkeys, we went on a walk through more of the sanctuary.
We were able to see other animals, the Robinson Crusoe type house where the workers sleep, cenotes,  deer refuge, and more.

Towards the end of the tour, we were able to jump into a cenote, swim through a short tunnel past the bats, and end up in a big swimming area.

Summer jumping into the cenote.

Cole jumping into the cenote (which completely surprised me.  But, he just walked right up and jumped like it was no big deal.  Those swim lessons are paying off.)

And then it was Sierra's turn.

Relaxing in the cenote after swimming through the cave and into the open area.  
The water was so refreshing after stomping through the hot jungle.

 Taking a selfie with Poncho

This was a monkey family that was on "Monkey Island".  There isn't any human contact with these monkeys.   They are just free to roam in their own environment.  It's surrounded by this buffer zone/fence.  We learned a lot about monkeys at this monkey sanctuary.  
But I seriously did feel like I was on an island with Robinson Crusoe. 

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Amara said...

I thought I knew what a cenote was. I had to look it up though. Fascinating. SO cool that you guys were able to go to our next door neighbor country and still get such an adventure. Kudos to you for going off the beaten path a bit.