Monday, April 28, 2014

Mexico, day 1

We left for the airport at 4 am.  which was awesome since Rick got off work at 2 am.  Just in time to shower and get the car packed up.  We flew from SLC to Denver, and then to Cancun.  We had a shuttle pick us up at the airport and take us 65 miles south to Bahia Principe with a quick stop at Sam's Club for groceries. Our poor shuttle driver could NOT find our exact condo after much conversation and questions.  We were finally dropped off at a beautiful condo complex where a handsome, non-English speaking worker directed us to a unit that was unfinished and still being painted.  UGH.  Finally, after dragging our luggage all over the resort, we found our unit and got settled in.  We explored just a bit and then settled in for a very early bedtime.  
At 11 pm there was much screaming.  I thought I was back in Seattle and just thought I was dreaming.
Rick checked things out and came running back into our room yelling, "there's a scorpion in the room with the girls."  OK, not a dream.  So, I grabbed my camera and ran to the action.
Rick threw his shoe at the scorpion. (edit:this is not how Rick remembers it)
Great.  Scorpion killed.
Not great.  baby scorpions running everywhere.

Cleaning up scorpions and documenting the whole experience on her phone.

Our first real meal in Mexico.  La Buena Vida.
It was good, really good, but still pretty American since it's a pretty touristy place.

Seriously good fish tacos.

This place is located right on the beach.  the view was breathtaking.

We were sitting at a table in the sand, up on a little ledge.
After we ate, we climbed a few stairs and were right on the beach, looking for shells.

This was our view on the roof of our condo.  Pretty sweet with a slight breeze.

Our mini pool in the backyard.

 Day 1:  a success.

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Amara said...

I could eat good fish tacos for every meal every day of my life. I also could live on the beach and be pretty dang happy. So happy you guys got this adventure!