Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to Rick

Rick celebrated his birthday in Mexico, so here are a few pictures of that celebration...
On the beach in Telum.

We really enjoyed Telum and if we were ever to go back to Cancun, we would stay in Telum.
This is where we found the best tacos in Mexico.  But, soooo hot.

It was after a day at the beach, so everyone was a little tired.
We were laughing at all of the things in the background here.  Electrical cords just haphazardly hanging.  A giant fan perched above the random restroom.  Tables stacked on top of tables...

We all enjoyed a little horchada.  The girls were obsessed with it and tried it nearly every place that we stopped.

At Acumel:
This was after a day of snorkeling.  It was getting dark and we stopped at this taco shop just before it closed.  I was fine until the cats showed up.  The people that were sitting at the counter just to the left of this picture did not seem phased one bit by the cat that was just about to share their dinner.

Cole and Rick waiting for their nachos.

On Rick's birthday we stopped at the supermarket and picked up a cake.
We couldn't find any candles and we couldn't figure out how to ask for them, so we just used matches instead of candles.  
It was a very tasty cake, but we did learn one thing...the cake and all other bakery items that we sampled we not nearly as sweet as anything that you would find here at home.

Happy Birthday Rick

Rick got an iPad for his birthday which arrived a few days before we left for Mexico so he was able to open it and get it set up with apps, movies, and books for our trip.  I had picked up this shirt for him in Seattle a week earlier.  I was so excited to surprise him with a little something from our trip.  Except that one of my children had shown it to him right after I got home from Seattle.  It's OK, he still acted surprised.

We were fascinated by the different types of vehicles that we saw in Mexico.
Definitely different registration standards in Mexico.  Sierra was on a quest to find her most favorite hippie van and I think that was it!!
If you google Hasta Alaska, you will find YouTube videos and a Facebook page devoted to a group of people driving this van from Chile (see the license plate?) to Alaska.  

Pictures from our favorite beach in Telum and our very last taco shop meal...

(I need to use some mad photoshop skills and remove this tourist from my picture...)


Amara said...

And you never got food poisoning? I never have either in Mexico. Awesome. The beaches look so cool there. We're planning on Nicaragua this summer, but I think it's a surfing beach instead of snorkeling. Not as clear as your beautiful water here. We'll see.

Leslie said...

You are living the good life, Ms Kelli!!! I giggled at the tourist in your picture. I'd keep him...and frame it on the wall. ;-)