Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We also visited the ruins in Tulum.  It covers a much smaller area than Coba and was manageable by just walking.  Here is Cole with our tour guide, Mosiah.
We learned that in order to get all of the Mormon inside info, you find a tour guide with a BYU hat.

We arrived at Tulum at the about the same exact time as a European Cruise Ship.
There were SOOO many people.

 It was interesting to listen to our Mormon tour guide's explanation of things in comparison to the other tour guide's explanation of things.

Our tour guide, Mosiah, had explanations and connections to Mormonism for everything.
It was interesting.  I need to add lots of these things to my "list" of questions.
Mosiah is a branch president south of Tulum.  His brother is the Stake President in Cancun.
His brother's names are Helaman, Moroni, Samuel, and Lemuel.
Tulum is right on the beach and we had planned on finishing our tour with a little dip in the ocean.
But, there were just too many people (I cut them out of this photo.  This pic  makes it look quiet, but really there were 100's of people on the beach and in the water).  We ended up finishing our tour of Tulum and driving down a ways to a more secluded beach.  We could still see the ruins from there though.


Amara said...

I always take the "mormon explanation" with a grain of salt. Remember those "especially for Mormons" books? My friend called them faith promoting rumors.Nice, but what if you based your testimony on them? Shaky...but I still get tempted by them.

Amara said...

I should have said too, how cool the ruins looked, and how much I've wanted to see them since high school when we studied them in anthropology (in Spanish no less -part of an immersion program). That would have been a better comment.