Friday, April 19, 2013

It's a small world... in Chicago

A few years ago I participated in an apron swap (or two, or three...)
In this swap I was paired with a Rachelle from Mexico:  aka The Farm'er Wife.
She blogs at The Farmer's Wife
She has an adorable family and she takes amazing pictures of her family and the life they live on a farm in Mexico.  So, naturally, I follow her blog.

My apron from the Farmer's Wife

My kids even follow this blog.  
We were so amused a few years ago when we realized that her kids were in Utah and participated in EFY and the Manti Pageant at the very same time as Summer.
Summer was disappointed that she did not happen to meet the oldest boy while he was here in our midst.
But, she followed closely and celebrated when he (the Missionary boy) got his mission call.
She always comments that "he's so attractive".  
She wanted to go on vacation in London this summer so that we might run into him.
When we were in Chicago, we went to a show on our first night there.
To be honest, I slept through the entire first half of the show, Big Fish.
But, the second half was really good.
As we were leaving the theater to get back on the bus, I saw a couple standing in front of the theater sign.
I did a quick double take because I thought it looked like The Farmer.
I only know him from pictures and stories on the blog.
Then I noticed his wife, also familiar.
I think because we had now made eye contact, The Farmer asked me if I would take their picture.
I said, "yes, but first can I ask you if you are the Joneses from Mexico?"
They both looked at me like I was crazy.
So, I quickly explained the story.
There was a hint of familiarity.
And The Farmer agreed to take a picture of me, Summer, and the Farmer's Wife from Mexico.
And then I took their picture.
No more time to chat, we had to hop on the bus.
I still cannot believe I recognized someone.  
on a dark street with lots of people.
that I only know from a blog.
I guess I can now say that we are real life friends, too.
I just always thought that if that it ever happened, it would be because our paths crossed in Provo, or something.  


Carroll Family said...

That's CRAZY!!! BTW - my kids are doing EFY in Provo this year and I think it would be awesome if they were there with Summer.

Amara said...

I don't know if people who don't follow blogs are going to understand the level of AWESOMENESS --running into a blogger in real life. It's like somebody else running into the Kardashians. ...Yeah, that' why I stalk you.