Saturday, April 6, 2013

a little story about A Little House and a little boy

I love, love, love the stories and pictures in the books by Virginian Lee Burton.
We have had some of the paperback books since Summer was little ( I probably picked them up at Goodwill.)
I bought Maybelle, the Cable Car in paperback when we were in San Francisco.
Recently I realized that Cole didn't have Mike Mulligan so I found this book:
which is hardcover and contains multiple books & illustrations by Virginia Lee Burton.
I just love the pictures.
I want to copy some of them and frame them...

A few nights ago, Cole asked me to read one of the stories from this book.
He chose The Little House, my favorite.

We took our time and looked at the cute pictures and talked about them.

After we finished the story, Cole asked me about the book and how old it was.
We looked at the front of the book and discovered that it was written in 1942.
Cole said, "wow, that's really old.  Did you read this story when you were little?"
I said, "Yes."
It was fun to just talk and look at the pictures.
Then Cole asked me what other stories and books I read when I was little.
So, I thought of stories and books that he would know.
I listed, The Pokey Little Puppy, The Box Car Children, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Charlotte's Web.
He stopped me and said, "Wow, that's cool that they wrote a book about Charlotte's Web because it was a really good movie."
And then I couldn't think of any more stories because I was thinking how funny it was that Cole just assumed that the movie came before the book.

So, Cole helped me out and said, "I know, the scriptures were written when you were a little girl.  Because the Book of Mormon is really, really old.  They had to be around when you were little."
Yep, that's true Cole, the scriptures are old and were written when I was young.
what a funny, funny kid.


Amara said...

This is so funny you posted about this story! I was just reminded of it the other day (and yes I read it as a kid too) when I was reading Posie gets Cozy. She did an apron where her husband silk-screened a picture of the house onto the pocket. Here:

Amara said...

Wait --here:

Amara said...

One more comment --why don't you frame them? Buy another copy --maybe used off of Amazon, and cut it up. I've done this all over my house. Some of my favorite pictures were in books, and I decided we just weren't enjoying them enough!