Sunday, April 7, 2013

Battle of the Bands

 On February 23, Summer's Band--Horizon's Echo--participated in Maple Mountain's first battle of the bands.  Sierra was not allowed to play with them because the participants had to be in 9th grade or older.  It was a huge learning experience for everyone involved...

 I don't have any actual photos of them singing because i was face timing their performance for Rick who was at work.  It was a lot of fun.  There were about 90 people in attendance at the high school on a Saturday night.  They played a cover of I am the DJ by Neon Trees as well as their own song, Do  You Love Me?  (when Summer introduced that song, someone in the back yelled, "YES!"

 They did a great job and took first place.

On March 2, they competed in Regionals at Timpview High School.  There were 6 other bands that competed.  It was clear at this point that experience was in the favor of those that won.
Bands that competed last year came in full costume and had a total theme to their performance.
The MC even told one band that his Grandpa called and wanted his clothes back.  Several of the groups were full on retro get-up and danced and flopped around the stage with their heads looking like they were going to fall off.  I thought that the judges would look beyond the costumes and focus on the music.  I was wrong.  The costumes and dancing won.
However, these guys now know what to expect and are looking forward to next year.

Update:  Rick works at OCH with one of the men that was a judge at the Regional Competition.  Yesterday he came to talk to Rick while he was working at Orem.  He told Rick that hands down, Summer was the best vocalist in the competition. This guy disagreed with the other judges on who they placed first.  He didn't really think that the best musicians won.  oh well.  It was a lot of fun.
And they will always have the title of the Maple Mountain Battle of Bands winner of the first season!!

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Amara said...

So proud of her. I've noticed that too in these competitions. Not always about the music.