Monday, October 11, 2010

Projects for Sierra

Kelli and Sierra taking apart "Tiger":
This is Sierra's "new and improved" tiger blanket. (below)
It is about 14 years old. My mom bought the fabric before Summer was born.
Summer never really got attached to the blanket.
But since we were poor, starving medical students living in Michigan when Sierra was born she must have sensed at a young age that she wasn't going to get anything besides "hand-me-downs".
So, she really attached to this blanket.
She has called it "Tiger Blanket" from the beginning.
The funny thing is that there are no tigers on the blanket.
But it sounds better than "Lion Blanket", or "Giraffe Blanket".
The blanket has been remade once already, but it was in shreds again.
So, I took it apart and put a reinforcement behind the top piece of fabric and replaced the batting and the back piece of fabric.
I hope we don't have to redo this blanket again. It might not survive.

This is the fabric I gathered last spring to make Sierra's quilt.
Well, I finished it a few days ago. It looks cute on her bed.
Now I just need to gather some fabric to make Summer a quilt.
I am going to try something new for Summer.
It's called a wonky log cabin pattern.
If I like the way it turns out, then maybe I will try to make one for my own bed.

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Amara said...

beautiful. Those girls are lucky they got you as a mom (instead of a lame non-quilter like me).