Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little Afternoon tour of my house...

This was AFTER I asked Cole to pick up his toys...
in the family room:
 in the entry way:
 in my bedroom:
 another view of the entry/stairs to basement:
 downstairs family room
 and finally, the old "playroom"/new exercise room:
Just in case anyone is keeping track...Cole's birthday is in one month.  If anyone gives him a toy/truck for his birthday, please make sure it comes with a gift receipt.  There is not room in the house for



that means, you too, Rick.


Carroll Family said...

Talin would be in heaven at your house!!! He LOVES tractors, trucks, etc.!!!!!!!!!!

Amara said...

You ought to have him go to work with Larry some day. Maybe not. Then that would be all he'd want to do the rest of his life. I'm sure glad I'm not trying to pick up after him!

Jacobson Five said...

That looks like my house, which is why I am letting my kids get Nintendo DS for Christmas, b/c I don't want any more messy toys!