Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Meal

S'more cupcakes (marshmallow filled--like a ding dong, with marshmallow dream whip frosting and a graham cracker base with graham cracker sprinkles on top):
 Mummy pretzels (the only way to eat pretzels, in my opinion
 Spinach salad & the toppings for homemade chili 
(check out the cute pumpkin bread bowls in the background on the left):


Kristine said...
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Amara said...

OK, did you do a chocolate cupcake with graham crackers munched up on the bottom, and then filled and topped? That's a great idea! We did s'mores parfaits for a dinner party and that went over well (chocolate pudding layer, graham crumb layer, marshmallow layer, and torched on top). Can you go wrong with s'mores?