Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Colors

It is supposed to get cold this weekend after a month of the most enjoyable October weather that I can ever remember. The colors are beautiful. Here are some shots of my yard from last week. My yard was neglected this year because we spent so dang much time in Scofield. Projects were left unfinished, like the Gazebo below. But, I love the colors in the yard right now.

This swing is my favorite. It has Hollyhocks growing around it. I have cut them down to the ground once already this year and they have come back. The pinks ones are plentiful. But, there are also yellow, maroon and even some black ones.
thank you Amara for the marigolds. I will pay you back in tomatillo plants.
thank you Amara for the butterfly bush. I will pay you back in tomatillo plants.
Here is the compost bin that is being taken over by the tomatillo plants.
the tomatillos were harvested last week and I now have salsa verde on my storage room shelf.
So does my sister. That was a fun day of salsa making and crafting. Let's do it again.
Later today, I will pick the rest of the tomatoes, trim bushes, pull up marigolds, finish dismantling the garden area by the driveway and brace myself for the impending snow to come in a few days.
Thank you for a beautiful fall.


Julie said...

You would never know those pictures were taken in the fall.Looks like spring. Beautiful garden.

Amara said...

You paid me back all right. I've got salsa coming out my ears! :) I think my garden's best time is fall. It kicks spring all over the place.