Friday, August 20, 2010

This Old House...Scofield Style Part 2

Here are some view of the other 2 rooms in the house that we have been working on.
This room with the dark paneling and "green" carpet is the living room. It was very gross.
We vacuumed and vacuumed and still could not get the soot and hair off the carpet.
I know, GROSS.
When we pulled up the carpet, we would pull up a section and then vacuum and then pull some more.
Once the carpet was up, we used this room to store the supplies for the kitchen remodel. You can see the tools, sheetrock, water heater and flooring supplies.
What a mess!

Then we got the room cleaned out once that the kitchen was a bit organized. You can see how they had a rug on the floor at one point and then just painted around the edges of the rug out to the walls. Nice. The wood floor was cool, but not cool enough to refinish and leave bare, soooo
We put down some carpet. It's almost the same color as the wood floor underneath!


The pictures above and below show the state of the bedroom in the midst of the cleaning out process. It was amazing the amount of stuff that was stuffed in this room.
(the lucky person whose name that I get for Christmas will be getting the wolf blanket that is hanging on the wall!!)

Once we got the furniture and other various items out of the room, we also tore up the carpet in this room. We noticed that there was a wood floor under the carpet, however, the boards were running diagonally. Cool. Then as we got the carpet up a little further we realized that there was this cool piece of floral linoleum nailed to the center of the floor. We took a vote and decided that the flooring could stay. Until the next day when we started walking on the vintage linoleum and it started to crumble. We took another quick vote and started tearing up the beautiful vintage linoleum. Piece by tiny piece. We got smart and opened a window and it went straight out the window.

We had to pull about about four million nails and then scrub and scrub the wood floor.
You can kind of tell that board are running diagonally. Pretty cool. I cleaned the floor with this cleaner 4 times. We'll see how it looks when it is clean and dry.
And if you think the work is done and this will be a nice relaxing place to visit one last time before fall sets in...

There is a ton of work left.
Watch for the final AFTER shots to come soon.
(after the rest of the work is done--at least for this summer)


Carroll Family said...

THat same vintage linoleum was in our cabin when we bought it when I was a kid! This looks so fun! Makes me want to remodel something!

Tia and Amara said...

You certainly have been busy little bees! :)