Friday, August 27, 2010

Hobble Creek 1/2

I knew there was going to be a problem when I awoke at 4 am and checked the weather and the temperature read:
70 degrees
at 4 am!!!

me and rick at the starting line (that was the last I saw of Rick)

Sadie joined me at mile 8 near the Golf Course and kept me from running straight home once we got out of the canyon

doesn't Sadie look like she's a foot taller than me in this shot?
(she is)

Rick took these last couple of pictures of me at the end. He was so awesome--after he finished the 13.1 miles, he turned around and walked back to the 12 mile marker and ran the last mile with me. (Otherwise, I probably would have walked)
It was so blasted hot.
Bless their hearts--there were some people in a Mapleton neighborhood that we ran through who were out spraying people as they ran down the street.
I think I will bake them cookies one of these days.

If I didn't know better, I would think that the reason it is called "Hobble Creek" 1/2 marathon might have something to do with the way that I was walking for the 2 days following.
But, I am proud to say that my time was exactly 20 minutes faster than the 1/2 marathon that I did last spring.
(gosh--I wonder what would have happened had I trained seriously for this race???)
I think that Sadie and Rick were instrumental in keeping me running those last few miles so I owe a big thanks to them for keeping me running and improving my time.
Glad it's over--when is the next one?


Amara said...

Leslie was trying to get me to do the Princess half with her in Walt Disneyworld (Florida) in February. Sounds pricey to get out there and stay....but maybe if I tell Jeff "everyone ELSE'S husband is letting them" we can do it. What do you think? Hey! Maybe we can bake cupcakes as a fundraiser! :)

Jacobson Five said...

If you do the Disney one, I will even train to do it with you.
Sadie is great. You expect it from Rick, but what a good friend Sadie is.
By the way, in the pictures, you look like you are running really fast. Just saying.

Carroll Family said...

I really need to get more active.....