Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer is 13

This is one of my favorites--taken in Nauvoo on the OLD Nauvoo Temple foundation.
Kirksville, MO
Rick and Summer in Scofield (age 10 months)

Wow, time sure flies. We've done a lot of things and lived a lot of places with Summer in the last 13 years. She is such a good kid. I can't believe she is now a teenager.

A funny thing about Summer is that she loves to be crafty. She will set up her supplies at the kitchen counter and craft away. Sometimes she will set up the video camera and pretend that she is doing a TV show and is filming the "craft segment".


Leslie said...

I remember holding that cute little baby girl while toasting buns! Happy Birthday Summer!!!

Jacobson Five said...

She was a cute little baby! But I can believe she is 13, she acts like she is 23. Very grown up for her age!