Friday, August 13, 2010

Sheep Wagon

Norman Adelbert Robison
born 18 September, 1908
died 17 July, 1965

My grandpa Robison was a farmer and a sheep herder.
This is a picture of his sheep wagon which he built himself.
Cole standing in front of the original Robison sheep wagon, July 2010

here is the story told by my uncle Don who lives in Torrey, UT where we stayed last month for our Robison Family Reunion at Capitol Reef/Boulder Mountain.

After my grandpa died in July of 1965, the sheep wagon which he had built himself was sold to another family in Annabella. They used it for years and years. Then it sat empty in a yard in town for a while. My Uncle Don approached the owner and asked if he could buy back the sheep wagon. The owner wasn't using it anymore and thought that since it originally belonged to Norman Robison, then it would be nice to return it back to the Robison family since it was no longer being used as a sheep wagon.
I think he said that my Grandma Robison had originallyl sold it for $200 (or maybe it was $250). Uncle Don bought it back for $250. He didn't have his truck with him to take it at the time of purchase. So, he drove back down to Annabella about 5 days later and picked up the old sheep wagon. The very next day, the man that had sold him the sheep wagon died. His children told Don that it was a good thing that he had made the purchase when he did because they had grown attached to the old sheep wagon. It had been well used in their family and some had grown sentimentally attached to the old piece of junk. Had Uncle Don not purchased and picked up the old sheep wagon when he did, it would still be in Annabella.
I'm glad that Shirley and Don have the old sheep wagon on their ranch in Torrey.
And I'm glad that they preserved that little piece of history.
But, if there are any SMALLER Robison antiques that they no longer want...
send them my way!

Don Torgerson
Don't let the 4-wheeler fool you, he is a full blown cowboy.
When we arrived at their place to stay for a few days, we didn't even see Don the first couple of days--he was in Panguitch at a rodeo!
His hat and his mustache remind me of my dad.
14 years ago Don had a heart attack. He was unconscious for several weeks and eventually received a heart transplant. It has not been an easy path, but things have gone reasonably well for him. He is facing rejection and takes medication daily for that. A few months ago, the family planned a trip to Hawaii since they had never been. Don was sick for the few weeks before the trip. He was in the hospital and his doctors said that he couldn't make the trip. He decided that if he was going to die, he might as well die enjoying himself on the beach. So, as soon as he was discharged from the hospital he drove straight to the airport. It must not have been his time to go, yet. Because while they were in Hawaii, the earthquake hit and they were evacuated to higher ground because of the threat of a tsunami.

This is his wife, Shirley-- my dad's youngest sister.

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