Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sierra

Sierra was such a good baby and things haven't changed much! It is so easy to have Sierra around. I don't think I have EVER heard Sierra say, "I'm bored". She can entertain herself with the simplest objects, like a rock or a raisin.

Sierra is the best little swimmer. She is like a fish. This photo above was taken in Hawaii.
Sierra's first day of braces. She is smiling so big here because she just got her braces on and they didn't hurt yet!
Sierra is always so happy, she is creative and she gives the best foot rubs in the whole world.

Sierra is very tender hearted. She loves to snuggle. She tells great stories, especially ones about her own dreams. She is very artistically talented and she is just learning how to play the violin.
We are so happy to have Sierra in our family and we are excited to wish her a Very Happy 9th Birthday!!


Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Sierra!!! When do I get my foot rub? Luv Ya!

Merrills said...

Such a cutie! How do they grow up so fast!

Tia and Amara said...

We love Sierra over here! Happy birthday!