Wednesday, September 16, 2009

spending time in the kitchen

Cole loves to cook. I have to do most of my cooking/baking while he is asleep or I must be prepared to let him "help". Last night while I was making dinner, Cole helped me make a salad. He is not allowed to use sharp knives--only soft knives (aka butter knives). I had to sacrifice a couple of small tomatoes. They were so smashed they didn't make it to the salad. I peeled a cucumber and let him slice it with his "soft knife" for the salad. Needless to say, we had some chunky cucumbers in our salad. Oh well. When we wasn't looking I threw away his tomotoes and dumped in a bunch of cherry tomatoes to the salad. He did also try to chop the lettuce with his soft knife, but he gave up after a few minutes. He also got a small cut on his finger and the tomato juice was burning. it was OK, once I found a barbie band-aid.

Anyway, we have been doing a lot of canning and baking lately. Summer is getting to be quite a pro at the zucchini bread. If I haven't tried to give you a loaf and you live within walking distance, let me know and I'll send one of the kids to your house next time we bake!! I have been trying to make some for our new neighbors and they are NEVER home.

Last week I made about 5 gallons of fresh salsa and 22 pints of bottled salsa. I used 2 different recipes so we'll see which one turns out the best.
Then I inherited five 5 gallon buckets of peaches. We've had peaches on everything lately. Cole thinks that all meals now are to include a peach smoothie. Yesterday I canned 10 quarts of peach pie filling. I figure that when we are in swine flu quarantine this winter, I'm going to eating a lot of peach pie and peach cobbler. I'm pretty tired of peaches. I might bottle as much as I can for how many quart bottles I have and then the rest I will just freeze so Cole can have peach smoothies all winter.
Next up is jalapeno jelly.
And the girls are telling me that there are tons of ripe tomatoes. I wish I could save them just like they are on the vines until some time in about February.
Oh. I have one other canning story, but the pictures are on my camera so I will wait and post about it later.


Carroll Family said...

Our peaches just came today, so I'm just starting. Luckily :) they're not quite ripe, so I froze the ones that were ripe for smoothies ( and the kids eat them like candy in the heat) and I'll wait until tomorrow to bottle and make jam. Laura wants a peach cobbler before we're out of peaches - so I'll have to work on that :) I'm trying to decide if I want to can corn - have you ever done that?

Tia and Amara said...

You're so amazing. I haven't even STARTED canning this season --of course all of our tomatoes are getting eaten this year as it is (mostly by me!). Where did you get the peaches?