Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finnish Ancestor Meal

We had a special party on February 16.  It would have been John Jalmer's 113 birthday on February 17.  So, we broke out the fan charts, photos, and memorabilia. 

We tried to pick authentic Finnish foods.  
Our menu included: 
Lihapyorykat:  Finnish meatballs (sometimes made from reindeer, but we used ground beef)
Porkkanalaatiko:  carrot casserole (big hit with the kids--NOT)
Beets:  they ate lots of beets because they don't require a long growing season

Getting ready to cut the Finnish cake.  It was kinda heavy.  More like a Finnish brick.

I gave Cole the camera.  He did a pretty good job of recording the festivities.

We decorated the table with our Finnish treasures.  Sierra colored a Finnish flag.  The teacup on the left was from Waino's mother's set of China from their wedding.  The vase came from Finland.  The tablecloth was made by Waino's mother.  We had copies of photos on the table. 
We concluded that we would not carry on the tradition of these recipes on a regular basis.  
The meatballs were good, but the carrots and the cake were not well received.
John Jalmer Herl... & Lilia Susanna Jarvi Herl... Wedding photo
June 14, 1927 Scofield, UT


Carroll Family said...

We have a Finnish lady in our ward and her rolls are SO YUMMY!!!!!! They have some kind of spice in them and then sugar crystals on top! We all get excited at Christmastime when they bring us rolls!!!

Amara said...

Well..sometimes they ate what they had right? I've noticed some of my ancestors' traditional food was survival food. Not so much with the gourmet. Still a neat tradition!