Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ancestor Project 2014: a word to Finnish Ancestors

Some new thoughts on Family History that are NOT inline with a previous post…
STOP using the same names over and over and over.  All of you ancestors that have gone on before me.  You are confusing me.  Branch out.  Find different names.  I  realize you like to name people for someone that has passed on, but stop it.  Generation.  After.  Generation.

And while we're at it….Finland:  let people keep their same last name.
STOP making them change surnames EVERY time they move to a different farm.  I realize it makes sense to you in the 1700's and 1800's, but come on.  You are confusing those of us that are trying to track you down from the other side of the world in 2014.  

And I really should have typed that whole thing in CAPITAL LETTERS.  But I do feel a little better now.  Rick says every day that his ancestors thank me for doing their work (and his work;). 

John Jalmer (Her-love-E) and Walter (Her-love-E) in Scofield in 1934.

And we like to call this one…John Jalmer in his hipster boots.

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Amara said...

The shouting font. Classic. Dang Scandies. They don't make it easy on us!